39 (Life Lessons) for 39 – 073

Welcome to my birthday party episode!

In celebration of my 39th birthday, I took a personal inventory of lessons I’ve learned that have served and continue to serve me, and I hope to not forget as I close out my thirties this year! They cover all areas of my life and hopefully will serve to encourage, entertain and maybe even challenge you, too!

The lessons were:


  1. Grace covers everything
  2. The Bible is real, active, and life’s best guide
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  3. Protect your peace at all costs


  1. Kids are very resilient
  2. Kids pick up on everything
  3. Structure is your friend
  4. Sometimes you have to let loose
  5. There’s nothing like a sibling bond
  6. Nobody’s good at everything


  1. Marriage falls apart when you let it
  2. No marriage is easy
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  3. You get out what you put in
  4. Prayer is my number one marriage tool
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  5. Tomorrow isn’t promised
  6. Everyone’s capable of good and evil
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  7. You really can’t change your husband. But God CAN. (Insert anyone)
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Personal growth

  1. Self-love matters, and self-love changes
  2. Nothing is always as it seems there’s more than one side to every story
  3. It’s never too late for a glow up
  4. Follow your own timeline
  5. It’s never too late (to start (over))
  6. You can change your mind
  7. You can only work on yourself
  8. Girls need girlfriends
  9. Your past matters but doesn’t define you
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  10. Ignoring something NEVER makes it go away
  11. What you weigh or the size you wear isn’t what people notice about you
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  12. Pride can ruin any and every good thing
  13. Listen to your gut
  14. Act on your gut
  15. Live YOUR life
  16. Never say never
  17. Never say always
  18. Be bold and just be you
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  19. Seasons change and you change with them
  20. Nothing stays hidden forever
  21. Therapy is worth every penny (See the link below for BetterHelp!!)
  22. Don’t believe everything you think
  23. You don’t have to be perfect 

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