Baggage and Brain Tumors With Jen Piper – 007

Everyone’s got a little baggage.

Is there a better way to make light of your junk than by making (or sharing) a meme about it? I think not.
And so does my witty and winsome friend, Jen Piper. We met in college when she surfed on my couch and we had inverse-matching hair (see below to enjoy). She watched as I and several other friends got married before her and then when it was finally “her turn” her fiance called it off just days before the ceremony. Years later after getting over that “dodged bullet” (her words!) she met and married her fire-fighter husband only to be diagnosed with a brain tumor just shy of her 30th birthday (with two young girls in tow). She took her recovery time to start an accidental business that thrived on graphic tees and funny memes. Lemonade, I’d say.

My friend has had her share of heartbreak, but in this chat we admit just how much of yourself you find after pain, mistakes and age, anyway. We recount some entertaining memories and confess how hard it can be to live your life under the lens of the social media microscope.

Mostly, we talk candidly about baggage and moving beyond it. To #beboldandjustbeyou.

Learn more about Jen

Jen is a south Florida native who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. She’s a fire fighter wife and Mommy to two daughters (ages 7 and 8). She’s a brain tumor survivor who started an impulsive clothing brand as a way to keep busy during recovery. She currently works as a graphic designer and social media manager. She enjoys writing, oversized sweatshirt season and is currently binge watching every season of Survivor in preparation to be on the show. You can follow her on Instagram here!

Please enjoy these incredibly poor quality images from nearly TWENTY YEARS ago.
Proof that we’ve always “done it for the ‘gram” before that was even a thing!

Here are the books Jen recommended on the episode:

Word of the show:
effulgent [ ih-fuhl-juhnt, ih-fool-] adjective
1. shining forth brilliantly; radiant.

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