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It would be easier if Amazon sent me everything they had!

If you’re anything like me, you shop Amazon on. the. reg.

“Add to cart” is a common phrase. Alexa is our bestie.

Subscribe and Save literally keeps our dishes, booties, and laundry clean. I never have to think about ordering the necessities that arrive on my doorstep in their perfectly scheduled increments. Bless.

But now, you can shop MY Amazon store and I’ll make a small commission which will allow me to continue to bring you new content here at TJB!

You can shop my curated lists, or browse freely!

What’s so handy, is you can use my curated lists to find the next book to binge, workout tank to customize, Spindrift flavor to drink, beauty items to try and so. much. more! I’ll be adding to the shop regularly so, bookmark my shop and then when you log in to buy you can check my lists or browse Amazon as you normally would. Either way, your purchase will credit my shop. Win-win! (If you’re on your mobile phone, you can do this too, just click my link instead of opening the Amazon app to shop!)

Keep in mind—these lists will be updated often, we’re just getting started. ?

Looking for my reading list?

2021 is the year I started reading. I’ve shared about it more in this post, but you can shop my growing recommended reads list here!

Bible resources are a category of their own!

I did a whole post on how to read your Bible, but here’s a great list to check for supplies. Including my favorite coffee maker and pods. ?

These are the necessities I order on Amazon to keep my home stocked!

From toilet paper to ziplock bags, deodorant, air filters, and laundry pods…these items add up and you get a discount when you have them on auto-ship! You can save up to 15% off Amazon prices shopping this way! You can ask Alexa to add items to this list, and even ask her when your next order is shipping.

Make your own custom list, or start building yours from looking at mine!

I couldn’t have a shop without a fashion list!

Shoes, rompers, dresses, and lingerie. Amazon has great choices for every budget! Find some of my favs here!

With Prime free shipping, I’ll order a few sizes and colors of the same item to decide what I like and send back what I don’t!

I’ve found great items for D and Linc too, so I’ll build lists for them, too!

Get my Disney must-haves!

It’s no secret I love Disney! Here are a few things I’ve found to make our trip more magical!

Accessories + Beauty, too!

Shop accessories. Shop beauty.

Then there’s my catch-all “favs” list

These items may not fit another category, but they’re worth checking out!

What other lists do you want me to create in the shop! Drop a comment on this post, or leave your comment on my social post about it!

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