How To Improve Your Body Image With Becky Patterson – 016

Are You Unhappy With Your Body?

Too many women struggle with poor body image. We nitpick our bodies, obsess over “flaws” and speak unkindly to ourselves (and/or others) propagating a quest for perfection that is unattainable. These habits have the ability to cause body dysmorphic disorder if left unchecked. Trainer and body positivity advocate Rebecca Patterson has first-hand experience with both an unhealthy view of her body and reversing the thought patterns that keep you stuck. She joins me to discuss signs that you have poor body image, how to tell if you’re leaning toward body dysmorphia and three steps you can take to improve how you see (and feel about) yourself.

We also discuss the role of social media and faith in this struggle. I know there’s something in this episode you or someone you love needs to hear.

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Becky is an advocate for radical self-love and body positivity, both in her career as franchise partner at Burn Boot Camp Tallahassee and in her passion project, Body Image Bootcamp. Her aim is to help teens in her area grow up with a healthier self-image and more immunity to the toxic messaging prevalent in social media. She loves her dog, is always listening to a book on Audible, and will work for tacos.

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