6 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Kid (And Up Your Mom Game) – 033

If you’re a parent, you know that mommin’ ain’t easy!

As moms, we face many challenges—including fear of messing it up, confusion over how to do it “best”, constantly changing stages in their development and the ever-present comparison trap.

What’s a mom to do besides succumb to overwhelming mom-guilt? Your resident “average mom” is here to offer (just) six things you can focus on that will help you connect with your child and feel more confident in your mothering. Because at the end of the day, your heart often matters more than your actions and no one is better equipped to love your kiddo than you. Promise.

Be encouraged by this one, Mama…and send it to a mom who needs a boost, too!

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Lo·quac·i·ty [lōˈkwasədē] noun

1. the quality of talking a great deal; talkativeness.

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