Beauty in the Hard Things With Chelsea Woodward – 017

Are You Scared of the Hard Stuff?

No two people’s lives are the same. We all bring our personality, life experience, strengths and insecurities to every storm we weather. But the beauty is that we can learn from the hard things others face without actually having been in their shoes. I have gleaned so much from watching Chelsea Woodward find beauty and joy in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances and as she retells them here, I am confident you will, too. She shares how her life was turned upside down after her son’s autism diagnosis, and inside out when her husband narrowly escaped death just a few short years later. Chelsea is raw, unfiltered and refreshingly honest about how faith, therapy and vulnerability have helped her cope. I hope you’re ready to cry, gasp (and consider therapy) after hearing her story (so far).

Learn more about Chelsea

Chelsea is a proud wife, fierce mama bear and a storyteller by trade, whether it’s capturing  stories via photograph, ghost writing, podcasting, or blogging. Her life’s work is to tell a story, and does she have one for you. Find out how prosthetics and autism became part of her everyday lingo.

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Here is one of her early posts while Josh was in the hospital.

Here are the books Chelsea recommended in the episode:

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