Hot Takes On Dating & Marriage With My MVP Friend, Michelle Gagnon – 049

Where would you be without friends you can talk to about anything?

I have a friend that I have called in a variety of crisis situations and she always gives me balanced, calm, rational feedback, without just telling me I’m right (or wrong!) or judge me for my struggles…and that’s why I call her the MVP. So in this episode (with Valentine’s Day in the rear-view) I asked her questions I had while dating and now in marriage to share her wise advise with you, too. We chat things like—how to know if you’re ready to date, what are red flags in dating, when/how to end a relationship, once married how to keep it strong, dealing with trust and communication issues and keeping your marriage a priority even after kids. So much good, honest, relatable stuff here. You’re welcome.

Learn more about Michelle

Michelle Gagnon is a working mom of 3 boys. Originally from New Hampshire she moved to Southwest Florida 5 years ago to escape from the cold winter season of the north. Michelle spends her time managing hockey teams and hockey development programs for her sons, and working as a project manager for a branding and website design. In her free time…and to help to maintain her sanity…she enjoys a good workout here and there.

In her past pre-mom life, she was a 3 year NFL cheerleader where she was a member of an exclusive performance showgroup (and earned a Super Bowl ring!), she was a dance teacher for 15 years, and she worked for an NHL team running their community and public relations as well as their charitable foundation. She also holds a 3 degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do….no big deal.

She has been married to her husband for 22 years and enjoys being in the sun.

Here is the book Michelle recommended:
Lone Survivor: The Incredible True Story of Navy SEALs Under Siege

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laisser-aller [ le-sey-a-ley] noun

  1. unchecked freedom or ease; unrestraint; looseness.

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