This Is Why Your Feelings Matter – 006

What if you just felt all the feels?

Feelings can get a bad rap. Sometimes we try to hide or ignore them, other times we obsess over, dramatize or even use them to manipulate others. No wonder they’re such a hot topic.

But the truth is, feelings have value and meaning. They aren’t inherently bad—but how we respond to them can be.

In this episode I go first, recounting some of my deep (even shameful) personal thoughts about my own feelings and how I perceive they affect others (negatively). I confess lies I still fight to stop believing that may be on a replay loop in your mind, too.

I challenge us to think more holistically about the purpose of our emotions in order to gain a healthy understanding of how they communicate our inner needs, desires and longings. I share some of the tools that have helped me to shift my view of feelings over the last five years, moving from a survivor’s mindset to one that is continually growing and deepening. To be clear—I’m still healing in this area. You’ll hear how my remarriage continues to challenge my coping mechanisms for the better and that it’s not “easy” or “perfect,” which is more than okay. Because honesty is better than “fake it till you make it”, when it comes to feelings.

I want this episode to encourage you to look deeper into your feelings, beliefs and emotions and find hope as you boldly feel and share them.

I mentioned a resources that have been helping me. Here is a quote I read on the episode:

“Maybe, if you can allow yourself to be honest about what it feels like for you, instead of pretending that you’re strong enough to ignore the negative emotions you’ll actually be able to overcome them and move forward. … maybe you’re allowing yourself to process the feelings that are allowed and acceptable but covering up the ones that might make people think less of you.”
Rachel Hollis in Didn’t See That Coming

Here are both books I mention on the show:

Here is the Brené Brown video I mentioned!

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Word of the show:
Redivivus [red-ə-VI-vus] adjective

  1. Come back to life; reborn.

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