Affirmation: I Am Loved and I Love Well – 051

You are loved, lovable and loving.

This is the third affirmation I am focusing on this year, and I invite you to consider how the truth that you are loved and love well is a centering foundation from which to live (and love).

I share how I know you are loved by God, and why knowing this affects how you can and should love yourself and how that affects the way you love others.

I hope you find this as deeply encouraging as I did, love.

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Here are the verses I shared in the episode, for you to read in your coffee and bible time!

John 3:16

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
1 John 3:16
verses about God’s love

Word of the show:
cordiform [ kawr-duh-fawrm ] adjective

  1. being in the shape of a heart; heart-shaped.

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