Finding God Faithful Even When You’re Suffering With Glenna Marshall – 035

No one wants to suffer, and yet, no one is immune to it.

It can feel impossible to cling to hope during difficult circumstances. We ask “why?” and “how long?” and struggle to remain confident in God’s faithfulness.

My guest Glenna Marshall can relate (even today, in the midst of hard trials) but has found encouragement that she willingly and vulnerably shares with us. She’s learned to look to God’s Word, not for answers, but to truly see who He is, which allows her to view suffering correctly and persevere with true joy.

We discuss what to say and do when a friend is suffering (and what to avoid!) and give you permission to honest about your feelings, instead of just covering them with Christian platitudes. 

I trust you’ll be encouraged and know someone who will be encouraged by this episode, so pass it along!

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Glenna Marshall is married to her pastor, William, and lives in rural Southeast Missouri where she tries and fails to keep up with her two energetic sons. She is the author of The Promise is His Presence and Everyday Faithfulness. She is the social media manager for Practical Shepherding Women.

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Here is the book Glenna recommended on the episode:
Becoming Elisabeth Elliot

Word of the show:

inculcate [ in-kuhl-keyt ] verb

  1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly
  2. to cause or influence (someone) to accept an idea or feeling

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