This Is Why You Don’t Have To Have a Body Goal in 2022

This is the first year in a long time that I don’t have a body goal.

Weight loss.
Tracking a better diet.
Some fitness achievement.

And hear me—those things ARE NOT bad. Or, aren’t inherently bad. But they can become unhealthy obsessions that are hidden behind “healthy” aspirations (been there!).

Of course, being pregnant has made it less likely for me to achieve my go-to goals, but even before we conceived I had intentionally stopped tracking my body weight and food intake for the purpose of putting some of that energy into other areas of my life.

I wanted to be more present in focusing on my relationship with D. I wanted to spend more time with Lincoln and move toward more inclusive family meals (meaning we all ate the same thing, happily).

There “should be” a more godly faith connection here—but I had the sense that if I laid down the body goals, I would inevitably see growth in my relationship with God because I would feel more freedom, and maybe even joy!

Thankfully, I found this to be true! I can tend toward legalism pretty quick so truly embracing the idea that God loves me “as is”—in all the ways—led to seeing Him in previously missed interactions with my loved ones and even in the discipline of remembering why I wasn’t doing my old patterns of tracking everything incessantly. It was because my body was good. I was good. And where I wasn’t “good enough”, I already had Jesus who was and is good for me. Hallelujah! 🙌🏼

So—if you’re already beating yourself up because you failed on some body goal this year, or you were trying to muster the motivation to make one, maybe instead you will be like me and you’ll devote this year to full believing the truth that you are already lovable and that your beauty, purpose, and worth are not tied to the scale.

There truly is so much more to life.

One of the reasons I wanted to write this post was to re-highlight several of my podcast episodes that share some of my journey in moving toward more freedom when it comes to body image. Maybe you’ve already heard these shows, maybe you haven’t. My hope is that you will find truth and encouragement in them. Pass them along if you do!!

In this episode Becky and I discuss body dysmorphia.

Jess Connolly, author of Breaking Free From Body Shame drops some important truths in this one! It’s a must-listen!

Get your copy of her book, now!

In this one, Sam Gwaz shares how smaller isn’t necessarily better, such a paradigm shift!

Lastly, in this one I share about my experience competing in a bikini fitness show, and how my body image was effected!

Here’s to more freedom in 2022.


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