What Seven Years of Motherhood Has Taught Me…a Letter to My Son

Dear Lincoln,
I’m so lucky I get to be your mommy.

When you came into this world seven years ago, you changed me.

If I’m honest, I feared raising a boy, and so did your first dad—what a huge responsibility. Could we do it?

This is what I’ve learned from doing it.

No. I cannot. But God will.

Somehow, in spite of me, the brutiful combination of my strengths and weakness, failures and wins will produce the man God intends you to become.

If there’s one thing He has been it is f a i t h f u l and that is what I promise to continue to be to you.
Me and your daddy, we will faithfully love, serve, correct, cherish, teach and believe in you.

We love your heart. Your spunk. Your laugh and how you make others laugh.
We cherish hearing you pray and ask questions and make connections and grow constantly.
Don’t stop dude. Keep growing. We are so very proud of you.

In seven years you’ve experienced some epic highs and difficult lows.
You’ve said the darndest things.
We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you, and for us as your parents.

Here are some of our favorite memories of you.

And some of my favorite quotes of yours (so far).

You said your name as “Le Le” until you were 2
You called trash “yarsh” at first
The remote control was “mokin control” until at least 5 
You still say Nerth gun
You love to steal our Fruitons (Croutons)
You want to travel to You North (New York)
You called your LEGO instructions “constructions” until only a few months ago 
You got into Star Wars this last year but still say “Minicom Falcom” for the Millennium Falcon
You love when Daddy takes you for breakfast at Old Macdonalds (McDonald’s)
Just before you turned 6 you started about getting vabitized (baptized) but we’re still talking about what that means.
You love talking about different “virgin” (versions) of anything
And you act just like Daddy, taking “megerments” (measurements) of jobs around the house

Recently you suggested that people should:

“Spin your heart before you spin your hate”

and we couldn’t agree more.

We love you Lincoln Worth. Happy 7th Birthday.

Mommy + Daddy


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