Mother’s Day From Every Angle…Even If It’s Messy – 010

Everybody has a little Mama-Drama, right?

Whether you are a Mom or not, you have one, and your relationship with her plays an important role in your life. You may have a close and/or healthy relationship with your mother, while for others it’s nonexistent. For most of us, our mothering today is a direct result of how we were raised (both the good and the bad). Regardless of your family dynamics, Mother’s Day can bring up a whole host of feelings for a variety of reasons (and in a number of relationships). That’s certainly the case for me.

In this episode, I speak from every angle—to those who have had a hard mother-child relationship, to the mama who feels like she’s not enough and is failing and to the person who’s healing from past mama-drama. (Spoiler alert, I’m all of those).

I also included a segment where my six-year-old son is interviewed by his new daddy and an excerpt from a conversation with my Mom featuring her hindsight-advice for mothers. Beloved cameos!

Whether Mother’s Day is a joyous holiday or a difficult one for you, there’s something you can relate to in this episode. Listen now, and share it with your Mom or your mom-friends today.

Word of the show:
Mother / from the Urban Dictionary /

The only woman in the world who will still cradle you in her arms even if you’ve stabbed her loving heart each time you’ve hung up her calls, thrown away her delicious food just because your friends thought Subway was cool; got a red-ink stained progress report; told her to go away in the presence of your apparently ‘cool’ friends, ignored her for telling you to do your school work before play; taking juvenile revenge on her for only protecting you from the seemingly harmless evils in the world around you.

And still say she loves you and you will always be her child, no matter what.

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