Are You Dealing With a Narcissist? With Courtney Morlock – 012

Do you wonder if you’re crazy?

Is there someone in your life that makes you question your sanity? Do you know someone who loves someone that doesn’t treat them well but you can’t put your finger on the issue?

Maybe the problem is narcissism.

I invite my friend Courtney Morlock to teach us how to spot a narcissist, how to deal with (or leave) one and how to love a friend who is entangled with one.

No relationship is always perfect but if you find yourself confused, controlled or in constant chaos, listen in. You may also know someone whose relationship seems “off” and you don’t know how to talk to them about it (or if you even should). You’ll hear all this and more in this candid, vulnerable and practical chat with a life coach who has personal experience dealing with this type of complicated toxic relationship.

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I love “the lightbulb moment” – the moment when someone realizes they not only deserve more, they can get it.
Throughout my life I’ve been drowning in narcissistic relationships; from boyfriends to bosses, it felt like I carried a big sign saying “narcissist come here!”
After years of therapy and insanely intense life coaching, I now feel equipped to help you see what I now see.
I’m not crazy.
Sounds silly, but it’s the core principle of everything I teach.
If you can’t see that with absolute confidence, you’ll never be rid of these toxic relationships.
You need a path to believe again (or for the first time) that you are already equipped with everything you need to change your life.
I know, I haven’t walked in your shoes, and I know that this relationship has made you believe you deserve this misery.
But what if I told you I could help you see other shoes, shoes that don’t cause so many blisters?
You aren’t crazy.
You deserve a life of peace.
You have options.

Xx Courtney
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Courtney is not a therapist, but you should see one if you are concerned you’re dealing with a narcissist.
As she said, avoid the rabbit hole of google but do read these articles she recommends:
The Top Three Mistakes That Stop People Healing From A Narcissistic Relationship
Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse, Part I: Blindsided
I suggest this Christian resource
Responding to Narcissism in a Loved One – Focus on the Family

and this video from Proverbs 31 Ministries

Here are the books Courtney recommended in the episode:

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Word of the show:
Narcissist /ˈnärsəsəst/ noun

  1. a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.”narcissists who think the world revolves around them.”

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