5 Important Reminders Every Wife Needs – 037

Every wife needs a pep talk and/or some fresh ideas every now and then.

Now that the word is out that we’re having a baby, I started panicking a little about how the new addition would affect our marriage.

I decided to focus on five things I could do to build into my marriage and connect with my husband, purposefully making our relationship a priority regardless of the changes we face now (that will be important to remember in a decade, too).

Keep these five important reminders in mind this week (month/year/decade) and see how they change the vibe in your relationship, too!

Here is the Instagram post I shared for my bold thing.

Here’s the episode where I talked more about praying for your husband daily!
How #prayingforyourhusbanddaily Can Change Your Marriage – 009

Here is the book I often recommend for wives:
The Power of a Praying® Wife

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