I Read Not a Diet Book and This Is What I Thought

“Are you feeling fixated with a number on the scales?”
“Is your confidence at an all-time low?”
“Is this having a negative impact on your life, relationships and happiness?” James Smith in Not a Diet Book.

My head trainer of 3+ years (Brad) has heard me complain of struggling with my yo-yoing weight for basically three years. He’s seen me gain and lose considerably. And he and my other trainers always tell me a truth that I struggle to believe: I have a strong, healthy physique. 

And they’re right. Even at my fluffiest, I’m still generally fit.

(I have had several trainers from multiple Burn locations, LA Fitness and the ‘Gram that I still consider my trainers today and they’ve all taught me so much!)

I go to my gym Burn Boot Camp 5-6 days a week. I usually do a Peloton class or run a few times a week as well. I genuinely love exercising. It’s my “me-time” AND my “friend-time.” I even trained for a bikini fitness competition in 2019 (that’s a whole post of its own)!

As I sat in a focus meeting right after the 1 year mark from competing in the fitness show I was especially frustrated. I was also a super happy newlywed who had trimmed down a little (not as much as I wanted, but that’s the theme here, isn’t it?) for the wedding, but now a month after the honeymoon and getting ready to enter the yummy holiday season I couldn’t find that coveted thing we all crave: balance.

Brad hesitated and then suggested a book by “one of the only trainers he follows online.” He wasn’t sure I would like it because this Aussie used some strong language. ? But he assured me he had a very straight-forward approach he thought I would appreciate. 

One problem, Brad. I don’t read. 

So, I went through the holidays and gained a few pounds but wasn’t worried about it. It’s the holidays, friends; that’s supposed to happen! (Spoiler alert, the book even says it!)

At the beginning of the year (yes, over two months ago) Brad walked over to me before camp started and handed me the book Not a Diet Book. I guess he had decided I was going to read it.

Funny thing is, I had just committed to start reading in 2021 so I had literally NO excuse.

He reminded me of the strong language but encouraged me to give it a try.

I read it in two weeks. 

{That’s me and Brad during a rare workout that he’s doing, not training}

Here’s my big takeaway:

“It’s so much simpler than everyone wants you to believe.” James Smith

Brad told me that, too. 

[Looking to take better care of yourself? Don’t miss this episode!]

James tells you what you already know. Or at least have heard and wondered if it might be true. It’s all there in black and white. He also ties your personal life into your health and fitness too, and that made a big difference. It’s all simplified, therefore, effective.

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer who can’t seem to find “the right formula for your body” or you’re scared to death to even step foot in the gym and have never tracked your food intake, this will help you. He debunks all the myths and breaks it into actionable steps you can take to find what you want—to “lose fat, gain confidence, transform your life.”

It was really great timing for me to read this as I was preparing to launch my site. In the book he talks about how he started his now thriving online fitness business from n o t h i n g. Reading that, while hustling to get this space ready in the background was actually very inspiring.

{Peep Me, D and a few friends at a 10-mile trail run we just did for fun.}

As I closed the book on the last page I felt ready to take it ALL on: “So just remember: this is not a diet book. It’s a call-to-action book. It’s about empowerment, and you must begin that the second you turn this final page. I am already excited for you. I’d like to think I am living proof of the extraordinary things you can achieve in a short period of time when you reset your attitude and ethos, and implement what you’ve read in these chapters in your daily life. What you accomplish over the next days, months and even coming years will be a direct result of what you do after closing this book. So from me, all the best and good luck. The train is about to leave, so make sure you get on it.”

Here’s to less food/body image obsession, and more living. I know that’s my goal. 

You can get your copy here. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you read it!

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