Fighting Imposter Syndrome With Shari Armstrong – 023

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Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Do you fear you are not qualified for or valued in the role(s) you have? I’ve been there too, girl. And so has my friend, reporter, Shari Armstrong. She joins me to explain what this is and why we face it. We share boldly how it affects us, where our faith comes in, and real tips we have found help us to combat it.

I love that Shari has been someone who has spoken truth to me when I’m feeling unqualified, and in this honest banter we go all the way there, acknowledging all the deep places we’ve had in common and how confidently pursuing our individual purpose matters—even when it’s hard. You’ll find inspiration and validation in this episode for sure!

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Shari is the Southwest-Florida girl who wanted to leave this area as soon as she could! She graduated from Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, and then the University of South Florida in 2011 with a degree in Mass Communications – Broadcast Journalism. She fled to New York, D.C., Atlanta, and Los Angeles to pursue her changing dreams and looking for fulfillment that you actually don’t find in a place – you find it in your heart.

Four years ago, God led her right back home as the Lifestyle Journalist position at Hello SWFL. In the craziest way, that led her to become the station’s Weekend Anchor – and now anchor on FOX 4 News at 5PM.

She loves TJMaxx, Netflix, volunteering, dancing, eating pizza, squeezing in a two-day flight somewhere, or spending time with her incredibly supportive and loving family…that hails from Barbados. You can find her on Instagram here or on Fox4!

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Here is the book Shari recommended in the episode:
90 Days to C.E.O: A Guide To Avoid Business Pitfalls And Unlock The Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

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Jireh | Elevation Worship & Maverick City

We mentioned #prayingforyourhusbanddaily a few times. Want to start the habit? Begin here:

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