A Better Way To Treat Pain With Melanie Connell – 026

Do you notice the blend between physical and emotional pain?

An automatic response to pain is fear—but what if not all pain was bad, or to be avoided? What if you were better off working through the pain to find recovery from injury or illness? Physical Therapist Melanie Connell joins me to discuss the link between physical and emotional pain that might easily be overlooked in traditional therapy. In this insightful conversation, we discuss fear avoidance, working through pain to get back to what you love, adopting a holistic approach to recovery, overcoming persistent pain, and lifestyle factors that you can control to help with pain of various kinds. She helped me look at minor, serious and even chronic issues so differently and I trust you’ll learn a lot too, whether there’s a current presence of pain in your life, or you’ll be better prepared when/if it arises in the future.

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Melanie Connell has been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years with certifications in Manual Therapy and Nutritional Health Coaching. She currently serves as the preferred provider for the Pacifica Christian High School Athletic Department. Her clinic, Remedy Physical therapy opened in Costa Mesa, CA in May 2018. Melanie’s mission is to provide a remedy for athletes of all ages who are sidelined by persistent pain and injury.  

The 3 main ideas she desires for every patient to understand:


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Here are the books Melanie recommended in the episode:
Hope Anyway: Welcoming Possibility in Ourselves, God, and Each Other and
Permission to Move

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Listeners of The Julie Bender Show can get 10% off an online session with Melanie Connell by visiting her site and putting Julie Bender in the comment section. Melanie can help you return to what you love and perform better than you thought possible.

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